2011 Redbird FMX for Sale – SOLD

General Information

Don’t miss this opportunity to add a Redbird FMX Flight Simulator to your flight school! This flight simulator comes with a Cessna Skyhawk G1000 panel and a Six pack Baron panel, single and multi engine throttles, along with  traditional yokes.

Registration Number
Total Time
2800 Hours


Pilot seat with seatbelt – adjustable
Copilot seat with seatbelt – adjustable
Instrument panel accent lighting under eyebrow
110v 20amp power outlet

Visual & Audio Systems

Six (6) 22″ widescreen displays oriented in an arc around the pilot and copilot, providing the external display
Two (2) 19″ widescreen displays providing cockpit instrument panel display
Audio system providing engine and environment sound


Cessna Skyhawk – G1000 Panel
Beech Baron – Standard 6-pack panel

Hardware & Software Systems

Redbird simulation computer
Redbird simulation software
Redbird instructor’s console software
Redbird Administration software
Redbird motion platform control software
Lockheed Martin Prepar3D

Motion Platform

Motion platform capable of simulating roll, pitch, and yaw motions



Aluminum cockpit enclosure – Painted and decaled


Center stick and Traditional Yoke configurations available
Rudder pedals with differential brakes
Magnetos and starter switch
Master battery and alternator switch
Two (2) fuel pump switch
Landing lights switch
Taxi lights switch
Navigation lights switch
Beacon switch
Strobe lights switch
Pitot heater switch
Avionics master switch
Landing gear switch adn indicator LED’s
Elevator trim wheel
Wing flaps switch
Alternate static air switch
Parking brake switch
Fuel Selector Valve
Pause flight button
Analyze flight button
End flight button
Pilot and copilot side headphone and microphone jacks
Headset volume controls
Instructors console connection port
Pilot key port
Motion platform emergency stop button
Volume knob