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Being the best means offering something beyond the everyday experience.

J.A. Aero recognizes the importance of exceeding customer expectations, and provides an entree of services to make the buying and selling processes smooth and simple.

Whether this is your first aircraft or an outstanding addition to your company’s fleet, J.A. Aero guarantees an experience unmatched in today’s aircraft sales market.

Our fees are set, and our service is comprehensive. Commissions include all advertising expenses and marketing-material development

J.A. Aero’s experience evaluating mechanical conditions is a tremendous benefit to customers. Having access to all of J.A. Air Center’s services allows the sales team to quickly answer difficult questions.

Other Services
Offering a complete scope of services means understanding the market and solving common situations in aircraft ownership.

J.A. Aero helps clients realize how to maximize ownership through these options:

Thanks to its close relationships with many flight clubs and charter operations, J.A. Aero also offers a variety of leaseback programs. Participating in the leaseback option allows an owner the opportunity to generate revenue on an aircraft when they are not using it. Leaseback programs also can help reduce an owner’s maintenance costs, fuel, storage and pilot fees.

Shared Ownership
With the average company using its aircraft just 200 hours a year, the option of shared ownership makes sense to many clients. Sharing an aircraft provides tax advantages, convenience and diversified risk.

Aircraft Management
With years of maintenance, charter and aircraft sales experience, J.A. Aero is a solid candidate to manage any corporate or personal aircraft operations. Whether it’s selecting the right aircraft for the mission, providing quality pilots or tracking and handling maintenance, our professional staff can accommodate.

For more details on our outstanding management program, please contact our sales department at (630) 584-3200 for a free consultation.