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----- Terms and Conditions ----- 1) Estimate may be based on information provided without inspection of the aircraft and is subject to adjustment upon inspection. 2) Please provide POH with current W&B/Equipment List, All Log Books and Aircraft Wiring Diagrams. 3) Estimate assumes existing equipment and aircraft have been maintained to a standard and require no correction. 4) Estimate assumes any existing equipment requiring interface to new equipment is compatible. 5) Customer supplied parts will be subject to a handling fee of 15% of the manufacturers’ retail price. All parts must have applicable tags, documentation and traceability and be supplied by a J.A. Air Center approved vendor. 6) Freight charges may be assessed for items not normally stocked and/or expedited. 7) Estimate includes completion of all required FAA paperwork and certification. 8) Estimate includes filing of all pertinent manufacturer warranty on customer's behalf. 9) Estimate is valid for 30 days unless otherwise noted. 10) Engines and engine parts are subject to Illinois State Sales Tax. 11) Total bill is subject to the following charges: a. C.O.A. Fee of 1.5% b. Shipping as required c. EPA as required (Tire Disposal, Oil Disposal, Paint, etc, …) d. Misc. Shop Supplies of 5% of labor charges not to exceed $1500.00. 12) All labor warranty repairs must be performed by J.A. Air Center unless authorized by JA prior to work being done. 13) A 20% non-refundable restocking fee for materials may be assessed if there is cancellation. 14) A minimum deposit of 50% may be required. Some vendors such as engines and kit manufactures are COD and will require a larger deposit. 15) All pricing shown is our Cash Discount price. If the customer elects to pay with a credit card then the 2% discount will not be given and be added to the bill. Forms of payment accepted are Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Phillips 66, Multi-Service and AvCard. SORRY, WE DO NOT ACCEPT AMERICAN EXPRESS. 16) Trade-in equipment is assumed to be in good working order unless otherwise noted and is subject to adjustment upon inspection. 17) Repairs including treatment of corrosion are completed on a time & materials basis. 18) Inspection estimates do not include correction of discrepancies found. 19) Additional down time may be required for changes in the scope of work, parts availability issues or unforeseen circumstances. 20) All removed parts become the property of J.A. Air Center unless prior arrangements have been made with the customer.