From small business owners to attorneys and doctors general aviation can provide a cost savings in time that more than justify the purchase of a new aircraft.  Think of driving a luxury car at ten thousand feet and getting to places like Carbondale, Louisville, Green Bay, Grand Rapids and Toledo in less than an hour from Chicago.  Today’s new “Luxury four-place aircraft” not only accommodate these missions comfortably but do with better navigation equipment than most airliners.  Thanks to Garmin, these new aircraft provide precise GPS navigation, point out other aircraft flying nearby, show ground terrain as you descend, give real-time weather information and it is all displayed on massive screens set in front of the pilot.  Combine this with heating and cooling systems much like a luxury car and travel is much like driving your car…just higher!

For non-pilots, companies like J.A. Air Center provide fullmanagement services handling the pilot services, maintenance, storage and scheduling much like owning a corporate jet.  Owners Polaris atv parts call or schedule on-line, are met at their closest airport and flown to any destination they chose.  Local owners see and feel all the comforts of high-end jet ownership.  Arriving at J.A. Air Center’s new corporate terminal is impressive in itself but then to have your private aircraft waiting under a canopy with a red carpet and your pilot standing by……it’s service at its best!

“Many of our customers use instructors for their personal or business travel needs so they can learn to fly while taking care of their travel needs” explains Tin Genc, J.A.’s flight school manager.  J.A. offers a free pilot certificate for those who purchase new Cessna aircraft and “there’s still bonus depreciation benefits for new aircraft purchases this year” says Scott Fank, Vice President of Sales for J.A.

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