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JAFT to Host Sun’n Fun Fly-Out


Join Us in Lakeland Florida

Join us for our first annual fly out toLakeland, Florida for Sun ’N Fun. Sun ’N Fun is scheduled to start April 1 and end April 6. We look forward to having a great time in d322aea9-bfcd-44f6-b5f6-1ad7d470feffSunny Central Florida. We are looking to fly out Thursday and come back on Monday. This is a great opportunity for all pilots to get some great experience in cross country flying. We are looking for two pilots per aircraft with an instructor. Build valuable cross country IFR flight time. This trip is roughly 9 hours each way and will provide you experience in some of the busiest airspace in the country, as we pass around Atlanta and into the Orlando airspace.

There will be a sign up sheet for this trip at the flight school as well as a deposit. We look forward to having a fun trip to Sun ’N Fun and many other trips in the future. If you have any suggestions on future trip destinations please feel free to let us know, it could be day trips for $100 hamburgers or weekend trips.

Safe Flying