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JA Flight Training Becomes Local Chapter for IMC Club

IMC-LOGO-pngJA Flight training will be hosting monthly meetings for the IMC Club. The IMC Club was designed as a mentor program. This club will be going over various scenarios developed for the instrument pilot to help maintain proficiency. The IMC club is non-for profit organization based out of Massachusetts.47-years_chap-14_redbird_fmx_simulator

How many times after our Instrument Ride do we actually fly approaches down to minimums? How many fly IMC during the winter months when we have icing? Participation in this club will help maintain that proficiency. For a nominal fee you can join the club and those proceeds go directly  the non for profit  IMC Club. During the monthly meeting, a scenario will be presented and discussed. For an additional  fee, that exact scenario will can be flown in our Redbird simulator. The scenarios are going to be real world from actual flights of various outcomes.

Our first event will be on February 18th 2014 here at the flight training facility. You can get WINGS credit for this event. Contact our flight training staff or sign up on the FAA WINGS website.

Our next event is posted on the FAA website for March 11th. We hope to see you there.