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All Glass Cessna 172

Avionics N272JAThose who have been familiar with JA’s operation and have been customers for many years may remember our 172 N3JA that was an avionics demonstrator. All the departments at the time had a hand in building up the airframe and installing the equipment. As needs changed with the avionics sales division, we would remove and replace with the next generation of avionics. Clients had the benefit of actually flying the the avionics that they wanted to get. Some other benefits were also extended to the employees at the time.

Fast forward to 2014 and we now have another Cessna 172 that we are working on that will be an all glass and digital demonstrator. This aircraft was purchased locally. Thus far we have rebuilt the engine, replaced the glass, and made the racks for the avionics. We will also refurbishing the interior. The aircraft is in the final stages of the install and preparing for the interior shop.3JA-2-bmp

Some of the avionics that we will see on the aircraft will be a G500 MFD/PFD. This will be our primary display for navigation. The G5oo has the ability to show a flight information including a moving map and charts when installed. A GTN750 will primarily drive the information that will be on the MFD side of the G500. A GTN650  will also be installed below the 750. An Aspen  will be installed as we will be able to switch the automation to either view information from the G500 or the Aspen. This is important to show our customers how the different PFD’s interface with the autopilot. A Midcontinent standby attitude indicator will serve as our digital back up. It is battery powered in the event that we lose ship power.  An S-TEC55 X will be used for the automation. GPSS will be available with this autopilot as the rest the information it receives is digital as well. Finally an EDM-930 engine monitor will be installed. This completes the analog transformation of the Wichita built Cessna 172 to the completely digital and glass aircraft.

Stick around for updates on the progression of the aircraft.