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Garmin Releases GPS Based Camera



virb-659x440Go-Pro Goes on Notice.

This month we introduce Garmin’s new HD camera. It is an interactive sports camera that we can adapt to aviation much like the Go-Pro Series camera. This camera can record video in different resolutions while taking still images. Still images can be one off or time lapse images to show motion. The lens has a ultra wide viewing angle and is waterproof for you flat plane pilots out there. It is interactive with iPad and iPhone over a Wi-Fi connection. Take stunning HD video and pictures of your flight. This camera is very intuitive and coupled with a iDevice, all your settings can be controlled remotely. Here are a few of the features. . .


    • High-sensitivity GPS, accelerometer and altimeter capture key data, including location, speed and altitude
    • With the on-board GPS and use-specific profiles such as ski mode, you can automatically start and stop recording with triggers such as minimum/maximum speed or altitude
    • Has Wi-Fi and ANT+ connectivity to use the Garmin VIRB Elite with your iPhone or Android via free mobile apps
    • High-quality glass lens accommodates wide, medium and narrow shooting modes; high-resolution, color LCD display offers preview, playback and easy control of camera settings
    • 16MP sensor processes four HD video modes (1080p at 30fps, 960p at 30/48fps, 720p at 30/60fps and 848×480 at 120fps) and still images (16MP at 4:3, 12MP at 16:9 and 8MP at 4:3
    • Achieve clear, true-to-life imagery with HDR (High Dynamic Range), ANR (Advanced Noise Reduction) and LDC (Lens Distortion Correction) capabilities
    • Easily record photo bursts (16 per second at 6fps, 12 per second at 10fps and 8 per second at 15fps) and time lapses (0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 and 60 seconds)
    • ANT+ wireless enables remote control and data transfer with other compatible Garmin products; edit and share your footage with free Garmin BaseCamp software
    • Enjoy an easy slider switch for instant recording and on/off power, an internal stereo mic, external USB jack, composite A/V adapter and microHDMI output for video playback
    • Removable, rechargeable 2000mAh lithium‐ion battery offers up to 3.5 hrs. at 1080p; microSD card socket accepts cards up to 64GB for memory storage (cards sold separately)
    • Compact, unobtrusive and rugged design stands up to the bumps and drops that come with outdoor fun; it’s also waterproof down to 1m for up to 30 min.
    • The Garmin VIRB Elite action camera comes with a cradle, short and right-angle attachment links, flat- and curved-surface mounts, mount adapter and USB cable

Why not share some of your flying experiences with your friends? This unit is hands free when you use a mount. Using the iPhone, the unit is very intuitive for turning on and off. Once you bring the unit home, you can view with the Garmin editing software and the Garmin VIRB Elite where you have been.

Some of the feature of the Elite is an accelerometer, altimeter, and GPS. You have the ability to connect to some of Garmin’s lifestyle products to track heart rate and temperature sensors. Your camera can be viewed and controlled through the Garmin Pilot App on your iOS device. One of the first things I noticed when handling the camera is that it has a solid and substantial feel. This unit has a very rugged/bush pilot feel to it.  There are no open slots on the camera to allow the elements in. Everything is sealed with gaskets. You can move the gaskets out of the way to access the various recharging and sim card ports. Even the lens is encased to remove the possibility of fogging and damage to the lens.  The camera is a bit larger and heavier than the GoPro, This extra heft is a plus in the VIRB as this will help reduce vibration within the image.

Garmin has an adapter for the GoPro mounts and will be out with their own proprietary mounts in the future.

If you want to take video of an entire flight, this is the camera to have. Battery life is up to 3 hours of HD video recording. Your typical GoPro will last approximately an hour. if three hours is simply not enough, you can plug into the the USB cable and record until memory runs out. In my case I had the ability to run for 7 hours.

Recently I took this camera out for a flight. I was impressed with all the different features available through the iOS device and the ease of navigation. If you want to operate the camera without an app, you have that option available as well. Early this year a specific  remote will be made available to the consumer.

Don’t know where to get it, try here http://www.japilotshop.com/