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Citation Bravo Leaseback Wanted


JA Air Charter currently operates a Citation Bravo out of Chicago’s Aurora Airport.  This aircraft is managed under FAA part 135 and provide owner transportation and on-demand charter.  With  a staff of four full-time pilots we average 40-50 hours per month of flight time.  Owners travel takes them primarily to southern Florida and the upper Midwest.  Because of charter demand JA Air Charter is in need of another Citation Bravo (or similar) aircraft to operate on our charter certificate.  The perfect candidate would have similar travel to southern Florida in the Winter and Northern Wisconsin in the Summer.  This would allow for possible sharing of expenses between owners and optimal utilization of the aircraft.

A leaseback owner could expect that the charter income would offset a large portion of their fixed expenses including:

  • Hangar
  • Insurance
  • Pilot Salaries
  • Miscellaneous Database Subscriptions
  • Management Fees

Our current owners pay an hourly amount in-line with the direct operating costs of the aircraft when they fly and have seen little monthly expenses beyond that of their own flying due to the amount of charter income that is produced by JA Air Charter.  Because of excess demand we feel that another Citation Bravo type aircraft would see similar results.  Aircraft Managed by JA Air Charter receive discounts through all JA “in-house” services including:

  • Fuel
  • Hangar
  • Maintenance Service
  • Avionics Service
  • Instrument Service
  • Cleaning and Detailing

Located at Chicago’s Aurora Airport JA Air Center is conveniently located off I-88 and outside Chicago’s terminal Control Area which allows for quick egress out of the Chicago Area.  Additionally, JA’s FBO Facility has been Internationally recognized as one of best in the U.S. for the last six years.

For more information please contact Scott Fank at (630)549-2123.