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Aircraft Management

JA Flight Services is the flight division of JA Air Center, an Aviation service provider in the Chicago area since 1965.  Our list of aviation Services include:

  • Aircraft Management and Charter
  • Aircraft Sales and Acquisition
  • Phillips Aviation Fuel provider
  • Cessna Service Center
  • Avionics Service and Sales
  • Avionics Installation
  • Aircraft Interior
  • Aircraft Detailing
  • Pilot Training
  • Aircraft Part Sales

JA  is the ONLY Cessna-affiliated business in the Chicago area that offers full aircraft management and charter services.  This affiliation allows us to buy parts directly from Cessna, which can circumvent having to reposition your aircraft  for normal maintenance events.  Our Service Center has over 60 dedicated employees, so even avionics and instrument service can be completed right in house.  Additionally, as a class IV FAA repair Station in Illinois, JA is exempted from charging State Sales Tax on aircraft parts.

Save thousands in hangar, fuel, pilot fees, maintenance costs and even Illinois taxes!

Our Charter service division is looking for Cessna Citation aircraft to manage and charter in the Chicago area.  We can do this at your local airport, or from our 150,000 square foot campus located at the Aurora Airport.  Discounts on hanger, fuel, maintenance and aircraft detailing make our charter management services an appealing choice no matter where you base your aircraft.  Costs at Chicago airports can be 20%-30% higher  than Aurora due to the proximity to Chicago.  With one stop light between our facility located conveniently off I-88 and downtown Chicago, the reverse commute can be a big money loan with no credit check winner for a slightly longer drive.  Even repositioning your aircraft can offer savings over basing at airports like Midway or Chicago Executive.

JA’s family of businesses are privately held and collectively employ over 100  people in the western suburbs.  Please feel free to call on my 25+ years of  aviation experience to help solve your corporate travel and management needs.