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Who is AeroEngine Protection Corp (AEPC™)?
AEPC™ is the only “Piston Engine Service Program” available to the General Aviation industry. The Program was designed by industry professionals with decades of experience with Engine Programs as well as maintainers of more than 4,000 piston engines over more than 20 years.

What is covered under the Piston Engine Service Program (PESP™)?
• 100% of parts and labor for all unscheduled maintenance of the engine’s covered components
• Easy enrollment at any time during the engine’s life
• Used aircraft Agreements of 3 to 7 years and options to renew
• New aircraft Agreements of 5 to 7 years and options to renew
• Fully transferable upon sale of aircraft
• Broad list of covered engine components (example below)
• With authorization by FAA owner/operator may perform any unscheduled maintenance
• Loaner components
• Ground freight included
• Help Desk for advice and guidance for all maintenance events even if not covered by the program
• After AOG for 5 business days waiting for parts we will paying you $100 per day up to $500 for loss of use
• If AOG away from base airport we pay up to $300 in trip interruption expenses
• Increased aircraft value......we will appear in Aircraft Blue Book (beginning with the 2017 Spring Edition) showing the added value for any aircraft on PESPTM.......this allows ease of selling your aircraft and better terms and conditions from your lender or lessor

What are the benefits of PESP™?
• Increased aircraft value
• Coverage and risk transfer beyond the warranty period
• Fixed-budget for all unscheduled maintenance
• Increased aircraft dispatch availability
• Fully transferable upon sale of aircraft

How do I enroll in PESP™?
• Call toll-free +1-800-323-5966 or fill out the convenient form on this page.
• Complete an application
• Schedule a Pre Enrollment Engine Review (PEER®)

Which engines are covered by PESP™?
• Lycoming O-320 Continental IO-360
• Lycoming IO-360 Continental IO-550
• Lycoming O-360
• Lycoming IO-540